Astronaut pen with Fisher logo and Apollo 11 landing date


The motto of the AG7 Astronaut Pen series ought to be if it's good enough for an astronaut it's good enough for you, because this mighty pen can write under just about any condition or any atmosphere. Measuring just 130mm length, the compact Astronaut Pen is constructed out of solid brass with tough chrome plating that rests strongly against your palm as you write. The sealed pressurized ink cartridge (SPR) allows you to write unhindered in any direction and slick buttons on the side and top allow it to extend and retract the refill naturally.

Length 130 mm (5.10")
Diameter 9.5 mm (.375")
Weight 27 grams
Cartridge Pressurized   #SPR4
Ink Thixotropic Black
Point Medium
Operating Range -35˚C • 121˚C
Package Gift Boxed
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