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Customize your Space Pen® with a monogram, symbol, name or logo making your pen truly one of a kind.
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The Only Choice for Adventurous Earthlings


When your gear has to work: Law Enforcement, Military & Coastguard, Fire & EMS.


Divers, Explorers and Weekend Warriors love the versatility of the Space Pen.


Functional and beautiful, the best choice for Teachers, Students Professors, Writers & Artists alike.


Reliable and tough, perfect for Tradesmen, Architects, Engineers & Oilfield workers.

Mission Critical

It's a story that for many weeks was not circulated outside the inner circles of the U.S. Space Program: the Fisher Space Pen helped the original Moon-landing astronauts, Neil...

AG7 Saves the Day

Paul C Fisher

Paul C. Fisher, an American specializing in the production of precision bearings for World War II Bomber planes, did not imagine that one day in the future he would revolutionize the...

History of the Fisher Space Pen