Camouflage Cap-O-Matic


The creators of the Matte Black Bullet had one goal in mind when they created this sleek, impressive pen: to make sure its owner can write in every potential circumstance. They were successful. The category-leading Fisher Space Pen can write upside down, sideways, underwater, in extreme cold, and in extreme heat making it possible that this purchase may outlast you.  Imagine being able to write a date on your calendar without your pen skipping. The Space Pen refill (SPR) utilizes revolutionary technology to make sure it performs in a variety of situations. 

Finish Camouflage Wrap
Length 133 mm (5.25")
Diameter 9.5 mm (.380")
Weight 19 grams
Cartridge Pressurized 35 PSI
Ink Thixotropic Black
Point Medium #SPR4
Operating Range -35˚C  to 121˚C
Package Gift Packed

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