Infinitum - Chrome and Gold Titanium Nitride with Blue Ink


Imagine being able to write a date on your calendar without your pen skipping. This is just one of the many challenges Fisher faced when it attempted to create a pen that could work in outer-space. The Space Pen utilizes revolutionary technology to make sure it performs in a variety of situations. Upside down, its side, through water, or in extreme temperatures, the Infinium contains sealed pressurized ink that will perform. Even if you aren't a space explorer, the Fisher Space Pen can guarantee you can record every event of your next adventure without a second thought. 

Finish Chrome/Titanium
Length Closed 108 mm (4.25")
Length Open 140 mm (5.50")
Diameter 11.5 mm (.450")
Weight 23 grams
Cartridge Pressurized 35 PSI
Ink Thixotropic Blue
Point Medium
Operating Range -35˚C  to 121˚C
Package Gift Boxed

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