Astronaut "Anti-Gravity" Dark Matter Black Titanium


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Were you one of the many kids that wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up? You may not make it to the moon, but you can write with the pen that did. The AG7 Astronaut pen was designed by Fisher Space Pen Company with the sole purpose of writing in zero gravity earning the label "The Pen That Went to the MOON!". The solid and firm construction is so reliable that the design of the pen has not been altered since 1968 when it flew into outer-space on the Apollo 7 mission. The weight of the Fisher Space Pen is reassuring in your palm, and the feel of the sleek black titanium coating provides a durable finish along with a unique out-of-this world appearance. It relies on a simple click mechanism that allows you to press down on the top to extend the refill and an ergonomic side button that then retracts the refill.

While the design is sleek, the true beauty of the AG7 is the hermetically sealed Fisher pressurized ink cartridge (SPR). The ink refill is designed to exist in a chamber that is not affected by air or moisture. The result is a magical pen that can write under any weather conditions, with or without gravity, and in any direction without drying out or leaking.

Finish Black Titanium
Length 130 mm (5.10")
Diameter 9.5 mm (.375")
Weight 27 grams
Cartridge Pressurized   #SPR4
Ink Thixotropic Black
Point Medium
Operating Range -35˚C • 121˚C
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